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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving, I went to my aunt's house and I ate ham, turkey, mashed potoatoes, corn, cheesecake, spicecake, and more. Then my mom and my friends Meghan and Erich came and we went to their house. I ate pumpkin pie there! I went on their trampoline. We jumped for about THREE HOURS! Meghan went inside. When she came out she said, it's time to go bowling!!!

My mom, dad, mr. richard, miss krista, meghan, erich, and I went bowling. Erich was first, I was second, and Meghan was third. I got two strikes in one game and one and in the second game!

We had a lot of fun.

I slept over there except I didnt really SLEEP over because I missed my mom. So my mom came and got me, and on Friday, we went back to their house. I was STILL IN MY PAJAMAS! We had ice cream for breakfast.

And that's my Thanksgiving 2005!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

What it feels like to be out of school
I just like it I just like it I just like it
to be out of school!!!!!!!

When you wish upon a star!

I love you so
that I love you so
I don't know what to say
except I love you so.

Sunday, January 19, 2003

My Kitty Cat Likes the Sun

I like the sun
so much

because it's so

That's how I like the sun
That's how i like the sun

And that's all the sun
has in my heart

And that's all the sun
has in its heart

And that's all I have
to say to day.

My baby kitten likes
the sun
He likes to lie
in the sun

I like the sun so much
and that's what I have
to say today.

I like the Sun

It is nice today
day day day
We like it this way

I like the sun because
it is so shiney

And that's what
I have to say

And that's what
I have to say

Because I love the sun
so much

And that's what I
have to say
goodbye now,
now, now, now.

Beautiful Day

Have a little sunshine
to me

It is nice and bright outside
It is a beautiful day

I like it this way
I like it this way

And that's why I need
it from my life

That's all this
little birdie
has to say:

We love you....

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

I love to paint. I want to be an artist.



self portrait

sunflower and house

soccer in florida

Here is me playing soccer with my cousins in Florida!

Florida Vacation

We went to Florida for vacation! Here is my grandmother's backyard where the cows live behind her.


Are you still reading my blog, Russ? I miss you. I still have your egg.


Tuesday, November 26, 2002

composing on life

[mom note: last night jenna sat at the piano and deliberately poked out specific notes. As she did, she sang a song that she made up as she went. So lovely.]

little birdie come inside
gently hold your hand
we will help you from the sky
we will hug you when you cry
gently we will put you back
Make sure to hold your
mommy's hand
Be gentle to your

Thursday, November 21, 2002

conversations in jenna's twin bed before drifting off to sleep

Jenna: Mama?

Mom: Hush Jenna--go to sleep.

Jenna: Can I tell you something?

Mom: Okay, go ahead but then close your eyes.

Jenna: When you drink water, it goes in your mouth, down your throat, past your potatoes, into your stomach, into your bladder, then it mixes with yellow ivy and comes out in the potty--right?

Mom: Pretty close, yes.

Jenna: Is that it--is it the yellow ivy that makes it yellow?

Mom: No I think it's vitamins and minerals and stuff.

Jenna: Are you sure there's no yellow ivy in there?

Mom: I don't think so, but that's a good idea, now go to sleep.

Jenna: Mama?

Mom: Sleep Jenna.

Jenna: When I was one year old, where did I sleep?

Mom: You slept in your crib, in here, in your room.

Jenna: But how did you fit in there to lay with me?

Mom: I didn't, honey. I sat on the rocking chair that used to be in the corner.

Jenna: Oh, I wondered how you fit in my crib with me.

Mom: I love you Jenna, now hush.

Jenna: Okay. I love you too.

Monday, June 17, 2002

The night of flying bears

[as related to mom...]

When I was in your room last night, mommy, you didn't even see it. You didn't even see the flying teddy bears and animals. They were flying sideways across the room.
They went through the walls and blankets and pillows! There were five of them!

I wasn't asleep. My eyes were open. I was scared and I hided under the blanket. One of them came through the blanket, and then he disappeared.

The other ones were flying across the pillow. I tried to tell you about it mommy, but you were asleep. I didn't want to wake you.

If I told you, you would have said, "WHAT!?" I wanted you to see. But you didn't.