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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

On Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving, I went to my aunt's house and I ate ham, turkey, mashed potoatoes, corn, cheesecake, spicecake, and more. Then my mom and my friends Meghan and Erich came and we went to their house. I ate pumpkin pie there! I went on their trampoline. We jumped for about THREE HOURS! Meghan went inside. When she came out she said, it's time to go bowling!!!

My mom, dad, mr. richard, miss krista, meghan, erich, and I went bowling. Erich was first, I was second, and Meghan was third. I got two strikes in one game and one and in the second game!

We had a lot of fun.

I slept over there except I didnt really SLEEP over because I missed my mom. So my mom came and got me, and on Friday, we went back to their house. I was STILL IN MY PAJAMAS! We had ice cream for breakfast.

And that's my Thanksgiving 2005!!!