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I used to be the littlest blogger. But now I'm growing up. I have been blogging half of my life.

Monday, December 24, 2001

as dictated to mom

Hi there--I'm eating whipped cream, what're you doing?

It's raining and it's snowin, man,
it's raining and it's snowin, man.

(actually, it's clear out--ed.)

I don't want to make up any more songs today.

So I'll sing Madeline--I'm madeline I'm madeline, hip hip--hooray!

mmmm. whipped cream is so good.

I listened to the Jackson five all day today. My mommy and daddy got me the CD. A-B-C easy as...

See you later today,
You would never
Make me dizzy
on the moon!

as dictated to mom

Hi there. I'm the baby blogger. Boring.........

My song this morning:

Hey hey what are you thinking about?
Me to you

Hey Hey it's startin now.
I'm thinkin about the whole world.

Run away.


My story today:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named JB. She went to the store with her mom. She had to go to the grocery store. It takes forever. Suddenly, there was a little froggy who hopped beside me. And mema came, my mom's mommy. Suddenly I ate the frog by mistake. I swallowed it. Then I spit him out. Then my mema hugged me. She said, "Good job!"

That's all for my story.

thanks for all the help--bye.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

as dictated to mom

a haa haa haa. so what are you thinking today? I'm about to read my new book Bambi. It looks like it's about a deer.

Now here's my song:

Hey what are you thinking about
'cause youuuu
oh ya
Hey ya ya bookie ya
goin down, goin down


as dictated to mom

Hi. I'm baby blogger. That sounds so funny! And I really miss my mema a lot. And my mom gets a little grouchy...

(interlude: mom says, "what's with this grouchy thing--you already said that. can we move on?")

Now here's my song today:

The whole world is singing in your life,
And the whole world is stealing my whole life...
And the whole world is sad of you
Oh ya ya ya, baby.

Hey aaron, I hope you like it.

(mom interlude: that's aaron carter -- oye -- and don't steal it aaron.)


be back soon.

as dictated to mom

Hi. I just wanted to see you for a whole week. I have all these things to do. But my mom gets a little grouchy.

I had a dream that all my toys were in the tub
suddenly i took the drain off
then suddenly, all the toys went down the drain
then I called, "Tee tee! Tee tee! (my aunt), all my toys went down the drain!"
and she said, "Oh no! If we turn the bathtub on without the drain on top they'll come out. And then we'll put the screw back on."

And that's all I want to say to the world.


posted by babyblogger's mom

She's four and she's never quiet. So what better place for her to express herself than her own blog? Yah, babybloggers, start your engines. Get connected, build your network... the future is yours.

Sometimes she'll dictate to me. I'll tell you when it's me. Sometimes she'll type on her own. You'll probably be able to tell. And in a couple of years, we'll see just what this junior journalist has to say. AND who's listening.

For now, we blog on.

-The management