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I used to be the littlest blogger. But now I'm growing up. I have been blogging half of my life.

Friday, February 15, 2002

[what you hear when you have your laptop on the bed while your four year old sings in the tub]

wash wash wash wash wash wash
wash your face every day
I'm all done
no you're not mister
let's put some soap in
mister wiggles
mister wiggles will love this
I'm getting too much of you
I'm getting too sparkley
I'm getting too smart for mr wiggles

save some save some for other people
save some save some for me

Oh, Hi there Mr. Wiggles
Hi there bathtub--can I swim here?
Sure, I'll have a recital!
It's not a recital! We're having a sleepover party
You want to join?
Shannon's too little for this
She's just a baby.

So, Guys, we have Whinnie, Donna, Jenna.
Jenna, you get to take that off of there!
Wow, it's going to be so sudsy in there.
What happened to the suds?
OOOO They're all gone.

Oh no, it's draining all the suds down
hurry--what are you doing to my bathtub?
This is so fun.

Wash wash, you are all ready now!
The next student is, Michael Jackson!
Yah yah Michael Jackson
here he comes
here you go
and you're splashing
splashing splashing!

[more later.]