Baby Blogger

I used to be the littlest blogger. But now I'm growing up. I have been blogging half of my life.

Saturday, January 12, 2002

(as dictated to mom)

I just talked to my cousins. I miss them.
I'm drinking diet coke and I have
"honey i shrunk the kids" on!

my song for tonight is:

not feeling so well,
hey hey baby,
not feeling so well.

good night.

Monday, January 07, 2002

(as dictated to mom)

I started school.

la la la la, vanessa.

What is it now, mom?

I want to say to the world,
the planet is big big big
It's in our sky.

And vanessa took my puppy
And all of a sudden someone else took my blanket.
Boing, my puppy went away.
Boing, my blanket went away.
Boing, goes my basket.

But I ate food and that was fun
and I played with toys

That's all for today, bye.

Thank you for the voice,
it matches the characters.